Order Online is currently working but not accessible to customers. It processes orders, sends them to Clover and the funds go to the Clover account. It still has to be checked to ensure everything is printing correctly and a double check on modifiers. This version is more flexible and a better user experience than the current option. As the was purchased by Google, hopefully it will be updated shortly to make it more user friendly with a better design. There were also some issues with it duplicating entries even though it was only in the Clover system once.

Contact us page was updated with a Google map showing our location and also parking locations relative to the restaurant.

Make a reservation plugin is an alternative to Open Table. The advantages of this is it is much more cost effective and also can handle a walk-in wait list for when events return to the Pru Center. The only thing need would be to have a host station at the entrance with a tablet or Clover Station. Additionally depending on how things play out with COVID-19 if you consider taking reservations for lunch to manage capacity/social distancing this will work.

This will take you to the Mercato page for the loyalty program. On it will be an explanation of the program and links to check points balance and register for the program.