History of Mercato Tomato Pie


Mercato Tomato Pie is a family restaurant with a rich 50+ year history of its founders serving quality food to generations of customers.

We pride ourselves on making every customer – a first-time diner or a regular – feel like they are part of la famiglia di Mercato. Our customers are seated right in the middle of the action, watching the pizzas being prepared and put into the most remarkable oven you’ve ever seen.

Our coal-fired, handmade brick oven is remarkably unique in both its design and the food that comes out of it. The 225 sq ft. oven reaches temperatures near 1,000°F and requires an experienced pizzaiolo to properly cook the pizza.

The pizzaiola of Mercato Tomato Pie go through a thorough an extensive training process to ensure that the quality of each and every finished product meets the exacting standards of a “Mercato Tomato Pie.” Mercato Tomato Pie has a reputable tradition of using only the best ingredients to produce the finest pizzas in the Tri-State Area. Farm-fresh tomatoes, hand-made cheeses, select pepperoni and sausage, and other delectable toppings are used to create our delightful pizza pies.

Our main focus is thin crusted pizza—not pizza lost on a full restaurant menu with pages and pages of choices. Add a salad to start, select a drink from our intricate beverage menu—and your meal is perfect every time. Mercato Tomato Pie is named after the Italian word for ‘market’. Our goal is to immerse our customers in an authentic Abruzzese atmosphere endowed with the freshest and finest Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s patriarch Vilmo Fonte moved to the United States from the Abruzzo region of Italy as a young teenager in the 1940s. Vilmo had neither the financial means nor the backing, but he worked his way up in the restaurant world to become the proprietor of many successful restaurants.

Mercato Tomato Pie is the next and newest iteration of quality product that our diners have experienced for decades.